Adventure Andorra - Private guided adventure activities tailored to your family

Our expert guides are not only qualified in several adventure disciplines as mountain leaders, climbing instructors, and canyon guides but are chosen as they are adept and in assessing the capabilities of your family group to ensure they match adventure with ability and enjoyment.

Our activities unashamedly take full advantage of the magnificent surroundings on offer, and are chosen to be enjoyed on their own, in bespoke combinations for half or full days or week long experiences; simply click on the activity below for the adventure you would like to see more of or why not view one of our suggested itinerary packages below.


Most of our activities are suitable for ages 8 and above. There are no maximum age limits but be aware of the fitness requirements of the more adventurous activities.


For each activity there are several options for you to choose from depending on your experience, fitness and abilities.


All our guides will provide the necessary technical and safety equipment for your activities. We will give you guidance on what you should wear and what to expect when you arrive at the start of an activity.

Guided Activity Packages

Guided Activities

We can also arrange various other exciting activities such as caving, bridge swings, road cycling and many more. Just let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Self-Guided Activities

In addition to booking your guided adventure activities we can also help with self-guided activities including hiking and the adventure destinations shown below.


Mont Magic

Vall Nord