For many years, both our founders have been exploring and adventure holidaying with their own friends and family groups. A few years back, after several stories regaled one evening at a local hostelry it came to pass that we had both been visiting not only European mountain ranges to enjoy hiking, mountain biking and adventure sports but in particular, the Central Pyrenees area of Andorra.

We were both amazed at the breath-taking scenery, unspoilt mountain ranges, great local adventure activities, friendly laid back people, fascinating culture, affordability…and we could go on so we did.

At similar crossroads with family and flexible business commitments and a strong desire to see others enjoy the benefits of this beautiful country, Adventure Andorra was created.

Family Holiday Values

We believe in providing bespoke adventure experiences that are tailored and suited to wide ranging family requirements. We understand that all families are unique and will have different needs. Our priority is to optimise your holiday for you, from tailoring the difficulty of adventure activities undertaken to ensuring we place you with the best accommodation, configured for your family. Our aim is to give you the confidence to embark on a family adventure holiday which you might not normally consider. An Adventure Andorra holiday is sure to leave you with some amazing experiences, bonding your family with the best long lasting memories.

As we all know, building the perfect holiday for any family is a challenge. Getting the right mix of adventure, excitement, culture, relaxation and fun to please everyone is never easy. We believe we have chosen a great location with activities and guides that will take you to amazing places but with a knowing sense of professionalism and safety; after all, our families are everything.

We take great care to listen to our clients to understand what their needs. We have experienced the 'one size fits all' approach many times ourselves. All aspects of our holidays are important, not just the activities, or the location or even just the after activity downtime but we appreciate each aspect has an integral part to play in the success of the holiday experience.

Above all else we provide the best fun the mountains have to offer in an exciting, challenging, fun but ultimately safe and secure guided environment.

Turning Adventure Travel on its Peak…

Our values are focused on providing bespoke guided adventure activities combined with family accomodation selected to suit your specific needs.

The activities we offer are specifically aimed at families holidaying together. All activities have alternative levels to accommodate different age levels, abilities, previous experience (or not) and indeed sense of adventure and achievement. All activities could be for a few hours, a half or full day or last several days. When hiking for instance you could start walking for a few miles in the lowest of valleys or flattest of lakes and progress to some amazing summits. It really is that simple.

We provide you with the option to take a specific and personalised guide experience on each and any activity or you may choose to join other families of similar minder people; this is completely your choice. Our guides are very experienced mountain and adventure specialists who, irrespective of the schedule of intended activities would evaluate you and your family to make sure the activities are suited to you. This is a constantly assessed cycle so you can rest assured that you are looked after from start to finish on all activities.

The accommodation options we have chosen are handpicked from not just the finest that Andorra has to offer but the most appropriate for family use. These include aparthotels, apartments, specialised lodging and hotels for those which want to be a little more pampered. Location is very important to us but also the accommodation layout, sleeping arrangements and facilities. We believe in researching all accommodation thoroughly to ensure families can choose precisely the type and form they desire. We ensure that whatever your requirements, double or twin rooms, extra beds, adjoining rooms, high or low floors, within walking distance to all activities, close to pool, etc we can advise accordingly with full knowledge of the properties we offer.