The Explorer Activity Package is aimed at those families who are not necessarily familiar with mountain activities but who would already enjoy walking/hiking and already enjoy various outdoor activities with ‘a level’ of fitness. Mountain hiking, canyoning or via-ferrata would be the next steps, as well as some additional hiking to have a more complete organised week. This package will also include some cross country mountain biking and kayaking at the Olympic Park to add some more traditional sports activities in great surroundings. Despite sounding quite busy there would still plenty time to rest up and and enjoy your hotel or apartment facilities and sample the many great other Andorran features. We could of course help you with a suggested selection of self-guided activities for those days or half days that you’re not booked with one of our guides.

Self-Guided Activities

In addition to booking your guided adventure activities we can also help with self-guided activities including hiking and the adventure destinations shown below.


Mont Magic

Vall Nord