Travelling to Andorra

Andorra is situated in the Central Pyrenees on the border between Spain and France; with either side of the mountain range connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. It is a place that is away from it all, even possibly described as remote, and provides all the great attributes bestowed upon it as a result, but also highly accessible from the North or South.

You can drive, take the ferry or fly with several options available and we have highlighted some of the most popular below. Whatever option you choose we would be happy to provide you with our travel insights, where to book, route maps, hotel recommendations and places of interest along the way, etc in conjunction with your booking.

Take a Drive…

Driving to Andorra is possibly the most economical but longest option available. It would be fair to say that you need to enjoy driving for this to be suitable for you and your family.

You would start by catching a ferry from a UK port on the South coast such as Portsmouth or Poole to say Cherbourg on the French Normandy Peninsular (there are other port options); from there the journey is approximately 700 miles over some 11 hours of driving via Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse. The French roads are fantastic for easy driving and cruising effortlessly, with plenty of ‘Aires’ roadside amenity stops at regular intervals. We would recommend an overnight stop around Bordeaux to break the journey.

If you were wanting to cross the channel at Calais the journey is a little longer at approximately 720 miles over 11 ½ hours travelling via Paris, Limoges and Toulouse, possible overnighting in Limoges.

This would be a great option if you wanted to incorporate some relaxing time on the return journey on the West coast of France in Biarritz, Royan, La Rochelle or one of the great coastal islands, Ile d’Oleron or Ile de Re.

Ferry costs £500-£600 and Typical Chunnel costs £100-£200

Sailing to Spain…

A slightly more relaxing option is to take the ferry, or some say a mini cruise, once again from a South coast port such as Portsmouth or Plymouth to Santander or Bilbao in Spain. The ferries are very comfortable but functional and in effect they appear almost as small cruise liners. The ferry journey is approximately 24 hours and with well-planned crossings the time goes quickly, especially with a family cabin to get a good night’s sleep before you disembark in Spain, for the drive ahead.

The drive to Andorra from Bilbao can take one of two routes but the most favoured is Southward through Spain over approximately 370 miles taking some 6 hours via Logrono, Zaragoza and Lleida.

We would suggest this option for something a little more adventurous and different, and this would work well if, as with the drive option, you wanted to incorporate some relaxing time on the return journey either on the West coast of France, as above for a circular journey or by travelling back to Northern Spain to relax on some of the quieter golden beaches and turquoise waters of Asturias and Cantabria.

Typical ferry costs £800-£1,000

Flying’s a breeze…

As you may have gathered, if you have got as far as reading this page, Andorra is not the biggest of countries. Many unspoilt great holiday destinations tend to come in small packages…it won’t surprise you therefore to know it does not have an airport! But do not worry, there are several main hubs on hand nearby to provide the quickest journey option to Andorra, and those recommended are Toulouse in France, and Girona and Barcelona in Spain. Flights can be taken from almost all the UKs airports to these popular destinations, including many of the smaller regional local hubs with flying times of 1½ - 2 hours.

Once you land you have two options to get to Andorra, by bus or by hire car. The latter is more convenient and preferable to make the most of your stay in Andorra and will give you the independence to move around at will, even is everything is close to hand. The journey from Toulouse is approximately 115 miles over some 2½ - 3 hours and is an easy drive. From Girona or Barcelona the journey is approximately 130 miles over some 3 hours and is a great drive up through the mountains.

This journey alternative has the obvious time advantages for time conscious travellers but also because it has the great potential to incorporate some time relaxing after your adventure holiday in the picturesque town of Girona or of course the great city of Barcelona, or quite possibly the South of France.

Flights generally £400-600.     Car hire for 7 days, mid-range £400-600     Bus from Girona; Private £600; Shared £200

Typical costs provided assume a family for four; 2 adults, 2 children (with car on ferries); subject to time of booking, carrier, etc.