Canoeing is a great sport for all no matter your sporting prowess but still provides a feeling or an adventure activity especially when conducted on the spectacular lake at La Seu D’Urgell used in the 1992 Olympic Games and surrounded by spectacular scenery. This water activity is suited to pairing with the XC mountain biking activity during your holiday due to its proximity and timing but not exclusively so. The minimum age for this activity is 3+ so is great for younger families.

The Olympic Park at La Seu D’Urgell is a great venue for water based activities. You will to be collected at your accommodation and transported a short drive South of Andorra just across the border to Spain to La Seu D’Urgell, a small picturesque historic town.

The Park was established to support and be part of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games and hosts a magnificent water facility to test the best athletes. The legacy now provides a large lake perfect for canoeing and safe for families. The lake is 800m in length so there is plenty of space to explore.

Life vests are provided but and wetsuits are available if required. The canoes are designed for one to three people. The complex also features a bar/restaurant to toast your adventures.

We can also arrange various other exciting activities such as caving, bridge swings, road cycling and many more. Just let us know and we will arrange it for you.