This thrilling but safe alternative to climbing is sure to generate some of the most memorable adventures of your holiday. Led by one of our guides you and your family will journey through some spectacular mountain scenery using climbing aids fixed into the mountain face. You will be attached, via a full safety harness, to a steel rope via a full safety harness which winds its way along the route and will also encounter other fixed climbing aids such as iron rungs, pegs, carved steps and even ladders and bridges.

Rock climbing has long been thought of as the domain of sport mad and professional climbers but its popularity for the uninitiated has been growing in recent years; in the UK with the advent of many indoor boulder and climbing centres but on the continent with the magnificent via ferrata.

Via Ferratas have been around for many years in Europe to facilitate the feeling of exhilarating climbing on rock faces and inclines, for families and children in a cushioned and safe environment. A via ferrata is essentially an easier climb aided by metal steps, hand cables and security lines to give participants the sensation of climbing on imposing rock faces but without having to have the experience and techniques of an experienced rock climber.

Choose a half day or full day activity dependent upon prior experience and enjoyment. For those new to via ferrata an initial half day would be recommended to then progress onwards and upwards!


Initial Level Via Ferratas

Initial level via ferratas offer a variety of climbing experiences on rock faces with a rise for approximately 150m and is suitable for ages of 8+ of varied abilities. The climbs offer easy hand and foot holds both using metal steps and natural holds where available and can include foot bridges for added fun.


Second Level Via Ferratas

Second level via ferratas offer similar climbing to the initial level but with longer and higher ascents of approximately 200m – 300m; these climbs would be more suitable for ages 12+. They can provide more varied climb experiences in differing locations with fantastic views of the valleys below.


Full Day Via Ferratas

Full day via ferratas are available offering greater ascent levels again of 400m+ with often more vertical and entertaining climb sections suitable for ages 16+. These climbs are for those who really enjoy heights and would like to feel like they are climbing a big rock wall.

We can also arrange various other exciting activities such as caving, bridge swings, road cycling and many more. Just let us know and we will arrange it for you.