Our canyon guides will kit you out with everything you need to have a safe but thrilling experience in some of the most unspoilt canyons in Europe. The gushing water in a canyon is a perfect natural adventure water park. Whether you enjoy sliding down smooth natural rock slides or jumping into a pool or abseilling down a cliff face our guides will ensure you experience a memorable family adventure.

Canyoning is a sport that intrigues many and feels like it could be dangerous but in reality it has been the domain of children playing in streams and small river gorges for centuries. Limestone and sandstone rock formations carved over millions of years provide ideal riverbed and gorge obstacles, boulders, shapes and sizes for the best canyoning.

Canyoning involves descending a river in a gorge or canyon with full wet suit, scuttle butt and helmet using a variety of techniques from jumping, sliding, abseiling and occasionally swimming! The activity uses natural rock pools, and smooth washed rock formations, as well as the odd waterfall to provide the most amazing fun in a fully guided and controlled experience, and of course the warm climate is perfect for this activity. The surroundings are stunning and our guides will be at pains to tell you about the local topography, rock colourations, local histories and of course the flora, fauna and indigenous wildlife.

Choose a half day or full day activity dependent upon prior experience and enjoyment. For those new to canyoning an initial half day would be recommended to then progress onwards and downwards!


Initial Level Canyoning

Initial level canyoning offers a variety of canyoning obstacles with canyons providing continuous flowing water, small slides and jumps, and abseils less than 10m high. These canyons are ideal for ages 8+.


Second Level Canyoning

Second level canyoning offer similar canyoning to the initial level but with abundant flowing water, bigger jumps and slides and longer abseils of up to 15m. These canyons remain immense fun for most of the family but are best suited to ages 12/14+.


Full Day Level 3 Canyoning

Full day level 3 canyoning is available offering high jumps, long slides and toboggans, and big abseils for those who have been canyoning before, have a good level of fitness and are good swimmers. Classified as the most fun you can have in the Pyrenees but recommended for ages 16/18+.

We can also arrange various other exciting activities such as caving, bridge swings, road cycling and many more. Just let us know and we will arrange it for you.